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Follow Your Inner Urn-Ing

For some time I have wanted an urn in my garden, an urn that was simple but gave a nice touch to the garden. Urns are easy, as they can be planted, take the weather, moisture, and look great just where they are placed.

So in my mind, I began the hunt for the perfect white urn. Why white, because I have two existing white fountains, white is in my garden color palette, and I have a white stucco home. White is a theme. I have found white urns are a bit harder to find than other colored urns. 

So my journey began to find a white urn that would work well in my garden. In my travels and every day life, I came across fabulous urns and began to have "urn envy."

Recently, I stumbled across an urn that I thought would look great in my garden. I should say "urns" as I found three, and made a little vignette. Where did I placed these urns? In a perfect spot, the olive grove. Interestingly, these urns are almost a collage of the fabulous urns I had seen and been admiring, only better, because they seem perfect for my garden in color, form and size. Their white color draws your eye to their heavenly spot, in a most simple and natural way.

Urns in My Olive Grove

Urns in My Olive Grove

I found urns for my garden, at the most surprising place, HomeGoodsThese urns are very reasonable and beautifully handcrafted in Mexico by local artisans. Suggestions to find urns for sale are nurseries, garden shops, flea markets, and home decor stores. Know what you are looking for, and keep your eyes open!

Vintage Urns Carry A Torch

As soon as I saw these Kalanchoe beharensis, or common name Felt Plants, I knew they would look great potted in two rusty patina vintage urns, creating the look of a fire's torch. I normally see the Felt Plant in a large and upright form. These two shown in the photo are round, tightly curved, and growing in a torch-like shape.

The Felt Plant is a succulent perennial which has an abundance of character in shape, color and touch. It can reach a statuesque 4-5' tall, with little side branching. It is a soothing olive green color with beautiful chocolate brown highlights on its tips. It is very soft to the touch, just like its name Felt, and if you look closely it actually has a coating of tiny white to brown hairs. Its leaves are very thick and scalloped on the ends.

A mature Felt Plant is dramatic in appearance, especially in a raised bed or rock garden. Recently, I have seen smaller scale Felt Plants, which lend themselves well to pots, urns, and containers. It can flower, but the beauty is in the plant. It does well in full sun or partial shade. This plant thrives in zones suitable for succulents. Use moderation in watering.

The pairing of the urns with the Felt Plants make a natural vintage container design. The pedestal shape of the urn reinforces the look of a torch. The rusty coloring of the urn complements the olive green coloring and brown tip highlights. To create a finished appearance, mixed echeveria are planted around the base of the Felt Plants. All of these plants are succulents, and are best potted in a cactus potting soil mix. The urns have the ability to drain water from their bottom. Plants are potted tightly within the urns, so they will have a tendency to grow slowly and keep the design shape.

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