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VintageGardenGal Gardenin' Survey

These Boots Are Made For Gardenin' I've been looking for a new pair of garden clogs, shoes, or boots, for sometime now. I haven't really found a desirable new replacement pair, as of yet. So, I thought I would simply ask all of you. This has been the impetus for VintageGardenGal's Gardenin' Survey today. I want to hear from you, your feedback. Please answer and comment on any, or all of these questions.

What is your favorite shoe, clog, or boot to garden in? Why? How long do you usually keep your garden boots?

What is your favorite garden tool, you can't garden without?

What are your favorite garden websites and or garden blogs you follow? Can you list your top five to ten?

What kind of a gardener are you?  Sporadic?   Weekend?  Passionate everyday gardener?   When the mood hits me gardener?  Since you were a child?

What motivates you to garden?  How did you get started gardening?

Where do you look for help with your garden? Magazines? Blogs? Websites? Workshops? Nurseries? Friends? Professionals?

What garden trends are you seeing in your community? Your garden clubs? Your neighborhood?

In what ways do you think gardening today is different, from even five years ago?

VintageGardenGal is a garden lifestyle blog covering many categories. What is your lifestyle? What draws your attention to VintageGardenGal? What would you like to see more of?  Do you prefer "How To's"?  The Unusual?  Garden tips?  More of the same?   Other categories?  Please feel free to comment, and please suggest your favorite footwear you garden in!