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Time to Celebrate Mother's Day!

Sunset has many exciting projects happening this spring, Sunset's News This Spring. One of them is their brand new Sunset Edible Garden Cookbook. Sunset Food Editor, Margo True, has done a phenomenal job with her new cookbook. I read it in an afternoon like a novel. Beautiful photography adds "mouth-watering" appeal. I found the recipes relatively simple to make, with special emphasis on letting the edible home-grown flavors shine.

This softcover cookbook covers vegetables, fruits, and herbs in a flowing, organized way. Tantalizing recipes cover each edible, along with sections on basic ways to cook, why grow them, when to harvest, how to keep, and how to preserve the harvest, if applicable. Sometimes there is an "extra reward" section featuring more tips.

Please comment below for an opportunity to win a Sunset Edible Garden CookbookPlease comment below on your favorite mother-daughter garden memory. Participants must be U.S. Residents. Deadline to post a comment is Sunday, May 6, 2012.

Congratulations to the winners, Elaine Lewis (CA), Sara Sweatman (PA), Karlin DiMarcello (SC), Kelsy Dean (TX), and Leon Flint (CA).  Happy Mother's Day to everyone!