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Encore Provence!

What's Not to Love About Provence? Every spring I notice a certain "special buzz" around my Provence posts here at VintageGardenGal. I'm not exactly sure why. Is it an upcoming once-in-a-lifetime trip to Provence? Is it the sensational association with Provence and spring gardens? Could it be the urge to immerse oneself in the romantic French countryside? Ah, maybe it is because Provence calls us all for different reasons.

It has been two years since my husband, John and I, were last in Provence and we dearly miss it. What's not to love about Provence. Its simplicity is pure beauty. It teaches you to expect the unexpected. Its charm  wins you over for a lifetime.

Provence is one of the great garden destinations of the world. It is a special place where the beauty of its natural landscape has magically mingled with civilizations for centuries, and the beauty keeps on radiating. One of my favorite quotes on Provence is from Lawrence Durrell back in 1959. He said it much more elegantly, "Some spots are the cradle of genius. Provence is one."

Last year I wrote a series about Provence, sharing with you some of my favorite things about Provence. The gardens. The landscapes. The villages. The people. The restaurants. The Roman ruins. The cafes. The fields of poppies. The magic!

This month I have a special treat for you. Out of Provence, two very special guest writers will weave their words on poetic Provence for you in another "Provence Series." Just imagine, you can sit back in your comfortable over-stuffed armchair, computer at hand, and we'll all travel to Provence together.

Please share what draws you to Provence. Please comment on your favorite things about Provence.