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DSC_0026 Patricia Wells has a new cookbook out, The French Kitchen Cookbook: Recipes and Lessons from Paris and Provence. Last weekend, Owner and Founder, Susan McBeth's Adventures by the Book hosted culinary legend Patricia Wells at Torrey Pines Lodge. Check out Adventures by the Book, you'll never go to another regular book signing again. McBeth features what I call value-added creative author interactive book events, such as author-guided travel, fund raising, intimate dinners, receptions, and more.

Wells is delightful in person, very warm and friendly. She spoke briefly to local fans on some of her guidelines, principles, and tips she showers her students with during her week-long cooking classes in her Paris kitchen studio or her 18th century Provencal farmhouse. Wells has had a very storied culinary career with many accolades, four James Beard Awards amongst her many cookbooks to start, but what I cherish about her is her willingness to share all that she knows about Paris, Provence, and her food world. Who her favorite cheese monger is, her favorite chefs, her favorite wines from all regions, her favorite markets--I could go on and on. The French Kitchen Cookbook is filled with delightful recipes that urge you to make them now. Wells also shares many of her personal styling tips and kitchen suggestions that are fabulous.

I have been extremely delighted with her suggestions through her articles and books over the years, and have used her recommendations for the backbone of my Provence itineraries. One such adventure was eating at Le Bistro du Paradou Provence, Karma or Coincidence, and having a chance encounter with Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Ironically, after being a long time devotee of Wells, she and I are both coincidentally in the magical book, Lunch in Provence that was published fall 2012, by coauthors Jean-Andre Charial and Rachael McKenna. Wells wrote the engaging introduction, and I am serendipitously quoted in the book on the radiating beauty of Provence. This I know for sure, "like attracts like" and we both share passion for Paris, Provence, and delicious food.

Lunch in Provence

Lunch in Provence If you have been following VintageGardenGal for a while, you know how smitten I am on Provence. I even have a Provence category on my left side bar with posts about my trips to Provence. There is something magical about Provence. The geographical setting, the people you meet, the markets, the food, the wine, the beauty. I could go on and on. I am not sure if it is just the best of "simple country life" personified or the timelessness of this garden spot and the sharing presence of past civilizations who once appreciated it, too.

Regardless, I urge all of you to visit Provence one day, and experience if for yourself. If you have had the good fortune to spend time in Provence, you most certainly know what I am talking about.

About a year and half ago, New Zealand publisher PQ Blackwell contacted me requesting literary permission for a quote of mine highlighted in green on the post, Encore Provence . I remember vividly writing this particular sentence, and its words must ring true for others as well. My contribution is but one small quote, but I'm so honored to be a part of this beautiful book.

This special book is part coffeetable book with Rachael McKenna's vivid photography, part cookbook with Michelin-starred chef Jean-Andre Charial's 35 Provencal recipes, and an introduction by none other than one of my favorite Provence authors, Patricia Wells . Lunch in Provence  has a running theme of beautiful quotes. The quotes are beautiful and poignant about Provence, and that is where I fit in. This is a great gift for gardeners, cooks, and world travelers.

With the anticipated release of Lunch in Provence, the Laguna Beach Garden Club has asked me to be their November speaker and give a talk on "Bringing the Magic of Provence to Your Home and Garden." Program is Friday, November 9, 2012, at 9:30am. Guests are welcome. Books will be available for sale. For more information, please visit Laguna Beach Garden Club.

For more information on speaking engagements and topics, please got to Great Garden Speakers--Bonnie Jo Manion .

Please share if you have been to Provence, and what draws you there. Please share your stories on Provence.