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Ode to 'Lo

Precious J.Lo For those of you who are faithful readers of VintageGardenGal, I must pause and tell you that my precious J.Lo passed away last week. She had a very long life in chicken years, approaching 8 years old this May. There are many reasons why I want to share this with you, and you might be thinking I've gone off of the deep end. But, no it is simply a small loving tribute to our wonderful hen, J.Lo.

I want you to know that your chickens can live a long healthy life. I want you to know that your chickens can become part of your family, just like your dog or cat. I want you to know that you can have a friend in the garden, with feathers and wattles. I want you to know that chickens have personalities, spirit, and character. I want you to know that chickens can give back, in intangible joy.

J.Lo was a Silver-laced Wyndotte, one of five hen in our original "Hollywood Girls" flock. Initially she was a bit of a runt, at the bottom of the pecking order in the flock. She was a good egg-layer, laying beautiful cream-colored eggs. She was always a talker, peeping over this and that. Over time she rose to the top like cream in the pecking order, fueled by her independence and sense of adventure.

She loved to be out in the garden, and loved to be a part of our social activities. She was never afraid of new people, or the number of people in the garden. She just felt at home, and was very sociable. In fact, I think she rather enjoyed being the life of the party.

Last year I wrote about my "coffee cup" thoughts reflecting on our first ten years on our property. J.Lo, and our "Hollywood Girls" were a cornerstone of our journey, and a part of the catalyst for writing VintageGardenGal. Somehow I can't stop thinking, that J.Lo will always live on with us in the garden, and she will. Ode to you, J.Lo.

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