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What is Your Garden Style?

Rustic Arch, Boxwood Hedge, Cottage Flowers Do you know your garden style? What are the elements that are repeated in your garden? What gives you joy to see? What do you gravitate towards? What is your vision with your garden? What do you like to do in your garden? Who do you spend time with in your garden? These are all great questions to ask yourself to help you define your style.

For instance, I like topiaries, espaliered trees, rustic arches, variegated plants, animal statuary, vintage gnome, boxwood, roses, fox gloves, hollyhocks, herbs, curving paths, olive trees, spiral shapes, cypress, juniper, roses, hydrangea, fruit trees, succulents, garden vignettes, hanging baskets, vintage containers, heirloom vegetables, and more.

All of these elements help define your garden style. When you are browsing or shopping at your favorite nurseries, garden shops, and flea markets, you will be more focused on what works in your garden, and what does not. It will save you money. You will be able to identify better what areas or items to spend your money on for your garden.

Color is also part of your style. Do you prefer soft, subtle tones? Do you prefer bright and dramatic color? Do you have a color scheme or palette to complement your garden style? If you enjoy your garden, you probably enjoy the joy of fresh cut flowers inside your home. Your garden colors should enhance the interior colors you have chosen in your home.

Do you have a modern home? Do you have a modern style? Perhaps you have a Cape Cod home, Spanish Hacienda, or an Arts & Crafts beauty. There is specific landscaping and plant selections that complement each style of home. Make sure that is in place, before you move on to refine your garden style.

A person can become quite well known and admired for their garden style. Go ahead, express yourself. What is your garden style?