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Sunset's New "Book of Edibles" is Released

6a00d834cdafac69e20120a7edac80970b-320wi Here is a new and notable book for you to enjoy along with your seed catalogs, while curled up next to a warm inviting fire waiting out the Southern California winter rains. It is the highly anticipated newly released, Sunset Western Garden Book of Edibles.

Who better than Sunset to illustrate and thoroughly explain the virtues and hot trend today of growing your own food. Packed with in depth information, beautiful photographs, and "how to" design, it is a must for the backyard gardener intent in cultivating more of one's home-grown food. Thank you Sunset!

Jim McCausland, Sunset Contributing Editor, and part of the actual team who wrote Sunset's Western Garden Book of Edibles describes in detail this book, in his recent post on Sunset's blog, Fresh Dirt, Its here, Sunsets New Western Garden Book of Edibles. You can purchase it now, without leaving your chair at Western Garden Book of Edibles: The Complete A-Z Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits.

More news......Attention all ye garden bloggers. Announcing the third annual,"Garden Bloggers Meet Up 2010" in Buffalo, New York, this coming July 8-11, 2010. Garden Bloggers all over the country will converge on Buffalo, New York, to share information on gardening, blogging, photography, social media, tips, and even enjoy a few special garden tours. Could this be your year?