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Succulent-Potted Vintage Hen Planter

Succulent-Potted Vintage Hen Vintage chicken planter cackles with character, and begs to be potted with succulent plumage. Round and rosette-like, I use my perennial favorite succulent, echeveria, planted at my hen's shoulder and back. Similiar to a perfectly shaped fleur-de-lis, is the handsome green, slightly uncommon ice plant relative, Smicrostigma viride. The chartreuse green notched strands, with a mind of their own, are Crassula mucosa, or Watch Chain succulent (formerly Crassula lycopoidioides). One couldn't ask for better plumage, that keeps on growing.

I love the "thrill of the hunt" at wonderful off-beat flea markets. You never know what you might find, and what treasure you were meant to take home. This is an unmarked vintage hen planter, probably anywhere from the 1930's to 1950's. I rescued her from a flea market existence, out of the midwest heartland. Her comb was broken, yet someone cared and patiently repaired.

In searching for treasures and beauties to re-purpose, don't overlook the wonderful vintage planters. You know the ones, the darling vintage "baby" planters, the mid-century 1950's "greenish" planters, the simple McCoy or Bauer pieces. These type of planters, even though they might have a chip or crack, work beautifully with the colors, textures, and look of succulents.

Clean up your newly acquired vintage planter. Remember a chip or crack just adds to the character of a piece, and chances are when potted with succulents will not even be noticeable. Put a few pebbles and potting charcoal in the bottom for drainage, fill with cactus potting soil, plant and design with succulents that extend the charm and look of the planter. Mist or spray with water sparingly, and your succulents will be happy. Place your newly potted vintage planter in a sunny window, an outdoor sunlit porch, or in other words, a protected spot with sun.

Succulents have become so popular today because they are drought tolerant, low maintenance, abundant in many colors and textures, and plain fun! Chances are you have one or more retail locations in your area that specialize in succulents. If you live in the San Diego area and love succulents, you must visit Solana Succulents.