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The Romance of Sweet Peas

Sweet peas flowers are usually trimmed at their stem base for a tight bouquet of elegant color and perfume. This style can loosely be described as the "Biedermeier" style, a European hand-tied style tightly structured flower arrangement in a circular pattern. See my recent post, First Bouquet of Sweet Peas.  Author, Debra Lee Baldwin, graciously commented from that post, "Did you know that the fragrance of sweet peas has never been duplicated chemically?" Something that I did not know, and makes sweet peas all that special.

For another style using sweet peas, try cutting your sweet peas in long boughs, in other words try cutting and using your entire sweet pea vine. It is an entirely different look for sweet peas, similar to a dramatic "tossle" of some one's beautiful long mane. Cutting sweet peas in this manner, you have a larger bouquet, whimsical sweet pea tendrils, the fragrance and color of romantic sweet pea flowers, and the wonderful texture and color of the sweet pea vine itself.

In the above photo, I have used a mid-century flower stand rusted container with height, and character. These un-named sweet peas, their seeds a gift from a garden club sharing table, are a combination of white and ivory sweet peas, elegant and romantic. This type of cut arrangement will last and provide enjoyment for at least a week.

Please comment if you have made flower arrangements using sweet peas in this style. Please share your favorite sweet pea to grow.


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