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Climbing "America" Rose

Climbing America Rose I was first introduced to climbing "America" rose in garden guru, Pat Welsh's garden years ago. I was drawn to its vibrant salmon-coral blooms, but it really is an ideal climbing rose for the home garden for many reasons. I now have a climbing "America" rose on the entrance gate to my kitchen garden.

First introduced in 1976, back in the year of our country's bicentennial, hence its name "America." It won the 1976 All-American Rose Selections award that year. Its parentage is Fragrant Cloud x Tradition.

"America" rose is considered a modern climber reaching 12-15' tall, and a repeat bloomer with a double bloom shape. It is well-adapted for climbing arbors, fences, and pillars. It has layers of petals to each bloom, and its bloom longevity is one of the things I love best about it. Climbing "America" rose has blooms that can range from deep coral to pink. It blooms on new wood, so prune early to promote new growth. Climbing "America" rose has a nice spicy fragrance. It is fairly disease-resistant to powdery mildew, black spot, and rust.  It does best in zones 4-9. Be aware that climbing "America" rose does have thorny stems.

Please share if you have climbing "America" rose in your garden. Please comment on your favorite climbing rose.