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Podocarpus Icee Blue

Podocarpus Icee Blue I am in the throes of landscaping my back garden this spring. One of my favorite new additions is the Podocarpus Icee Blue or also called Icee Blue Yellow-Wood, Podocarpus elongates "Monmal'. I love not only the striking blue-gray foliage, but the upright columnar form which is so distinct. I first saw this Podocarpus Icee Blue in a private garden in Oakland, California on a garden tour. Wow, it knocked my socks off. Notice how beautiful the blue-gray foliage looks against the brown color stucco of the house.

This is a slow growing conifer with fabulous upright structure. It thrives in USDA Zones 9-11, in partial to full sun. It likes regular watering, and more in extreme heat. The Podocarpus Icee Blue is slow growing to 15-25 feet, and 15-25 wide if you don't prune it. I find the Podocarpus Icee Blue readily available in local nurseries.


I have tall house edges I want to soften and necessary drain spouts that I want to hide. I wanted an upright tree that looked dynamite. Since it is so close to my house, I am planting these trees with root barrier material, as a precautionary measure, so I don't have to worry about the roots affecting my building foundation. I'm planting these trees against my white stucco home, which has a wine-colored trim appropriately called "Wild Raisin." I know the color combination is perfect for my home and garden setting.

The homeowner in Oakland planted her two Podocarpus Icee Blue in a container, as an option.


Please share if you have a special tree in your garden that you particularly enjoy. Please share if you have a Podocarpus Icee Blue in your garden.