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Holiday Decorate From Your Garden

Holiday Decorate From Your Garden When it comes to decorating your home and surroundings for the holidays, look to your garden for inspiration and resources. Not only is it green and economical, it is simply awe-inspiring beautiful. Decorating with nature creates a soothing, earthy ambiance. One that is especially comfortable and pleasing for the holidays.

You might be able to reap from your garden and local area: pine cones of all types and sizes, heavenly magnolia leaves fresh or dried, different types of pine boughs, tabletop lemon cypress, rosemary topiary, flowing ivies, bark, nuts of all kinds, whole cranberries, paperwhites, holly branches, oranges, lemons, kumquat fruit and branches, pyracantha with their bright berries, mistletoe sprigs, olive branches, intertwined grapevines, miniature pine trees, dried chili peppers, winter-dormant branches, eucalyptus branches and berries, dried pomegranates, acorns, roses, succulents, and lots more.

Look for inspiration in your garden first. If you don't find everything you would like, look to your neighborhood, your neighbors, retail stores and farmers markets. This time of year in my area the small tabletop trees are readily available and create instant festive appeal. If you can't find "real" everything, your local craft stores can help you mix real and real-like together.

Real Pine Boughs Intermingled With Snow Glistening Hydrangea

Don't forget the addition of simple accouterments such as holiday ribbons, scented candles, soft lanterns, mulling spice, and a warm cackling fire to complement your festive holiday decorating from your garden.

Quick & Easy Holiday Decorating Tips 1) Fill your candle base with whole hazelnuts as a nice festive decorative base. 2) String whole cranberries on a string to make a garland. 3) Lay magnolia branches on top of your mantle for an earthy holiday appeal. 4) Use a small succulent wreath as a ring for a hurricane with a candle. 5) Make a garland by wiring together pine boughs, and whatever you fancy. 6) Fill an antique dough boy bowl with huge sugar pine cones. 7) Use miniature cypress and juniper as a table centerpiece.

Please share if you decorate for the holidays with elements from your garden. Please comment on any special holiday decorating tips you like to do.