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Pretty as a Pullet

Look closely, these pullets are just nearing two months old. Almost fully feathered, and already acting like full-fledged chickens, these are but young pullets that were born on May 2 & 9, 2012. How fast they grow up. A pullet is generally described as a young hen under a year old. These pullets are sweet, and already full of individual personalities. This is a photo of the flock in their outside pen, getting their day going with a little breakfast of feed, fresh lettuce, and chard from my garden.

My local feed store had a wonderful tempting variety of chicks on hand. I bought a few different breeds. Buff Orpingtons, always warm and friendly. Cuckoo Marans, a bit more flighty in nature, but somewhat rare to find for sale. Ameraucanas, because I want to learn more about this breed. Welsummer, a dutch-originated breed that is suppose to have a gently disposition, lay deep brown eggs, and are not broody.

Please share if you have a new flock this spring and summer. Please share if you are new to the "joy of backyard chickens."