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Fall Hostess Gift or Party Favor

Fall Hostess Gift or Party Favor Chances are if you are not cooking this Thanksgiving, you've been invited to share Thanksgiving with family or friends. With the special holiday just days away, it is not too late to put together a small thoughtful gift for the hostess or host.

Chances are the hostess or host who has invited you, is an enthusiastic cook, and enjoys sharing their feast of delectable dishes.

Chances are you might really "wow" them bringing them a simple gift of a well-chosen spice. Chances are your might be invited back real soon.

Start with a small brand new cellophane bag, you can get them at craft stores. Fill the bottom with colored raffia or tissue paper. Choose an outstanding spice, and tie up your bag with a fun fall ribbon. It's a simple gesture, and a gift which captures the spirit of "being thankful."

Choose spices that might be slightly uncommon. A few of my favorites are Ceylon "True" Cinnamon, Coarse Grey Sea Salt, Madras Curry Powder, and Smoked Paprika. You can find special spices at Sur la Table, Home Goods, Marshall's, and even the Dollar Stores.

This gift doubles as a great fall party favor, too. It is simple to do, easy on the budget, sends your guests home with a little memento, and a "thank you" for coming.

Do you have hostess gift ideas to share? Please comment on your favorite spices?