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The Green Way to Lose a Lawn

Photo Courtesy, Janet Loughrey When I saw this piece recently highlighted on the witty garden blog, Garden Rant, who in turn, saw it originally on Sunset's fabulous garden blog, Fresh Dirt, it was another "aha" moment for me. It is worth mentioning yet again. How many of you want to "lose your lawn" and transform it into a more sustainable garden bed? You can do it in a very simple green organic way.

On Sunset's Fresh Dirt blog, contributing editor Jim McCausland walks us through the step-by-step method, Portland Landscape Designer Margaret de Haas van Dorsser, uses to magically transform a lawn into a new garden bed simply by way of "composting" on top of your lawn and designated new garden bed, using layers of newspaper, manure, and a little time, Turn Your Lawn Into A Flower Bed. This is ingenious. No more hiring someone, adding chemicals, intensive labor, and fighting of missed seeds or grass. You can do it yourself, in a very safe green organic way, and it is easy on your pocketbook, too.

I'm just amazed at how effective green, simple, organic methods and tips work for your garden. It takes a little bit of digging, no pun intended, to find a simple, green, organic solution but the rewards are worth it. Before you start a new garden project try researching for a green organic simple solution. Chances are you will find one, and you will be be very surprised and pleased. Please comment if you have tried this method of transforming your lawn into a garden bed. Please share if you are on the band wagon to reduce your lawn area.