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Circle of Sweet Peas Revisited

Sweet Peas, Two Months Later Fast forward two months later, and my "Garden Circle of Sweet Peas" have grown tall and are starting to bloom. There wasn't a label on my sweet peas, so I had no idea what color they would be. The mystery is over. Red, white, and purple is the answer.

When your sweet peas bloom, remember the more you clip your sweet peas for a small hand-tied bouquet or vase, the more it encourages them to bloom. I put my first bouquet of these fragrant beauties in a vase next to my kitchen sink, and the fragrance is intoxicating.

We Want Your Vote! You Can Make A Difference! Announcing the return of the prestigious "Mouse and Trowel" Awards, garden bloggers equivalent to the Oscars. If you love your gardening blogs, including VintageGardenGal, please support us by voting. Nominations started April 1, 2010 and are open through midnight on April 30, 2010. Simply click on the banner below, and type in your nominations.

Mouse and Trowel Awards are the brain child of Colleen Vanderlinden who blogs at In The Garden Online She initiated these awards in 2007, and then took a break in 2009. We thank her for bringing them back in 2010, with even more verve.

There are several different categories to vote for such as Best Writing, Best Photography, as well as several "Niche Garden Categories" to vote for, such as Best Urban Garden Blog, Best Container Gardening Blog. We want to hear from you. It is fun, and a benefit to all of us. Please tell garden bloggers they make a difference in your lives, by casting your vote today.