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Pink Breath of Heaven

First Sign of Spring, Pink Breath of Heaven Blooming How can you not love a plant called "Pink Breath of Heaven". This shrub originally from South Africa, explodes into bloom winter to spring, with showy pink delicate tiny flowers on wispy feather-like branches. I feel like it is my own personal "trumpeter" in the garden, announcing the beginning of spring.

Pink Breath of Heaven, Coleonema pulchrum, can sometimes be found in nurseries under the name, Pink Diosma. There is also a white-flowered species, called White Breath of Heaven, Coleonema album, which is equally as beautiful in bloom and size. Pink Breath of Heaven likes full sun or partial shade, and moderate water. At maturity, it can easily become one of your largest evergreen shrubs in the garden reaching 5 feet high by 5 feet wide. It benefits by trimming it back, or lacing it if you prefer, after its spring bloom, to shape it and keep it compact. It does well in zones 7-9, and 14-24. Pink Breath of Heaven has a slight bit of fragrance when touched lightly, or brushed up against it.

Introducing this showy shrub into your garden, requires some thought on where to best place it for ample room to grow and thrive, and yet blend in with the rest of the garden. Pink Breath of Heaven look nice as a background shrub, as a focal point, or even along a pathway. For its size, it has a light and airy feeling to it, and it moves beautifully in a breeze.

Its delicate pink flowers are such a feminine and romantic pink, I like to use a visually complementary plant color palette such as dark pinks, purples, lavenders, and green colors surrounding it in the garden.

It is about this time of year, the end of February, in my zone 9 garden, my Pink Breath of Heaven bursts alive with its stunning first bloom and lets me know that spring is just around the corner.