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"Backyard Chicken Coop", Fun

"Hollywood Girls" Just Wanna Have Fun"Hollywood Girls" Just Wanna Have Fun.

Chickens can be very sociable, and often want to be around all of the activity. In the photo, taken last summer, we are showing friends how to read a refractometer, an instrument grape growers use to test the level of sugar (or brix) in their grapes as harvest time approaches. J.Lo, one of our beloved chickens or "Hollywood Girls", just had to see what all the excitement was about. As I mentioned earlier in the week, chickens require little, but soon become a part of your life.

This past week, maybe I should have called it "Chicken Week", but instead I named this series an anatomy of the "Backyard Chicken Coop". This is by no means my last word on chickens, simply basic components of a chicken coop, and what is required to keep happy healthy chickens.

Once again, commons sense and good management will go a long way in properly caring for chickens. Get into a routine with your chickens. Keep their environment clean. Keep them protected.

In summary, this past week I wrote about the requirements for you and your potential chickens to co-exist in harmony. I outlined space guidelines for building a new chicken coop or modifying an existing structure. I wrote about hen nesting boxes, so important to laying hens and egg production. I covered the necessity of a roosting bar, and manure box in the chicken coop. I shared with you my method of keeping my chicken coop clean. I described the integral "outside pen" and how to keep predators out. I gave you some ideas on how you can customize your chicken coop with decorative details. I also hope that I give you some insight into the "joy" and "fun" of having chickens in your world.

Please feel free to share your chicken stories, creative coops, and chicken experience.