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Autumn Vintage Container

DSC_0891 There is nothing like a vintage container with a beautiful "warn and warm" hue to fill for a simple autumn display. This is some sort of vintage bucket, which is big, and can be re-purposed for all kinds of objects that remind you of fall. I found the bucket on a whim at Gardenology. This is a great home decor shop that also offers unique vintage pieces. They now have two locations, Encinitas, and Newport Beach. It is fun to stop in regularly, just to check out their "chic" displays.

In all kinds of toffee hues, I have this container displaying various dried gourds that I have grown in years past. If you look closely, you'll see my favorite--the apple gourd. I've written about growing these whimsical apple gourds in detail before, Apple Gourds, and include a link to where to find them at Burpee Seeds. I had a few pieces of faux leaves and acorns that adds a bit of fluidity to the design. This display is so simple and timeless, it is hard to determine what is real and what is faux.

Some other options to use in an autumn vintage container such as this could be dried sunflower heads, dried flowers and pods of all types, gourds, pumpkins, indian corn, bundles of wheat, and even feathered-covered balls.

This vintage container will work through all of the seasons, creatively filling it with fun objects of each season. Do you have a favorite container that you fill and decorate with each season. Please share what you like to display for autumn in your favorite container.