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Bonnie Jo Manion, Co-Author of Gardening with Free-Range Chickens for Dummies including photography, and original illustration concepts (Wiley 2013).


Le Blog, a garden lifestyle blog found within my website, 2008 to present. I write about a wide array of garden topics to help you in your garden. Example topics are chickens, cooking from the garden, composting, edibles, garden design, garden economizing, plants, places to know, styling, trees, vintage container design, and vineyards. 

Freelance Writing

Freelance Garden Writer, North County Times, 11/2011 - 5/2012
Southern California Regional Garden Contributor for Lowe's, 2012-2013

One of My Quotes on "Provence" Now Published in Three Books

I have been writing about my beloved Provence for years. I love the "Magic of Provence," and travel there often.  I write and speak extensively about my adventures in Provence. Please visit my blog for more of my writing on Provence.

One particular quote I wrote about Provence has profoundly resonated with others, and has been published in three books. I am honored to be quoted in these beautiful books with such company as Rachel Hale McKenna, Jean-Andre Charial, Patricia Wells, Peter Mayle, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gough, Lawrence Durrell, and many others.

"Provence is one of the great garden destinations of the world. It is a special place where the beauty of its natural landscape has magically mingled with civilizations for centuries and the beauty keeps on radiating."     --Bonnie Jo Manion